2018 Volunteer Sign-up

Volunteer sign-up

Updated Wednesday June 20, 2018 by Southwest Ball Hockey.

In addition to our hockey fee, a $100 check is required for parent participation for everyone, including assistant coaches EXCLUDING THE INSTRUCTIONAL LEAGUE. This check is collected during specific concession sign up dates. Your check will be returned after working your assigned time slot or destroyed at the end of the season. 

DATES/TIMES: Monday June 25th 6PM-8PM; Wednesday June 27th 6PM-8PM and Sunday July 1st 12PM to 2PM.

If your participant does not turn in their participation check on one of the dates  the participants will be temporary suspended and coaches will be told that they can't participate until this is resolved.

All parents are required to help support the league by working in the concession stand or volunteering in another capacity during the season.  There will be no volunteers allowed under the age of 18 so plan accordingly.  Also all assistant coaches must bring a participation check to one of these dates. Their checks will be returned upon completion of the season. Please notify one of the concession ladies that they are an assistant coach during this process.  If your time is canceled due to canceling of the games, it will be your responsibility to reschedule for an available spot.

Our league is made up of all volunteers. It's up to everyone involved to make sure we can provide a fun and safe environment for kids to learn the joy of playing hockey.

We appreciate everyone's help and support!

Southwest Ball Hockey